Social Media Marketing in 2023 Predictions Instagram–Part 2

In 2022, authentic content was more appreciated on Instagram, Influencers, Visual Effects, Creativity, Videos, Stories, Reels and Shopping. The platform has added a lot of new tools to support users to create more and more interactive and fresh content. And Instagram also supports and steps up to growing business accounts.

But it seems that Instagram is also in confusion, as it keeps up with the latest consumption trends and habits.

To maintain its status as an essential social app, Instagram continues to copy every trending feature from almost all top performing apps like TikTok. Instagram is copying almost every trun of TikTok to beat the competition. And now Instagram is not just a simple photography-focused platform.

Nowadays every business creates and executes content online. And there are so many tools for content marketing in the market that make the job easy. But 2023 is mainly going to be real and focus on more authentic and unfiltered content.

These days’ curated feeds are getting less feature than raw and simple honest posts.

From a commercial point of view, the Instagram community is a gold mine. Before this, the brands were never able to connect with their goals at the visionary level with the public.

Improve the recommended system of content.

To maximize user engagement instagram also improving day by day with their AI content recommendations and try to ensure users were having a good experience as a result.

As currently we have received response from a lot of users that they are getting a mess of old and new posts, and they are also getting random updates from pages that they are not following.

Instagram have to do something about IGTV or it will be gone for good. I mean take your example when was the last time you watched an IGTV video.

Next level integrations

As we observe, Instagram is planning a smart step towards metaverse and they are establish to install strong systems for creators, for this they take some creative tricks and invite some more talent on platforms Are planning

With this plan, you may see Instagram to add some new formats of the content in 2023, which may include AR and 3D Post, NFT Art and some more new age content in your Instagram app.

It is going to be a very smart step by Meta by providing a platform to demonstrate the art of the new generation. For this, they can also provide you tools to make that material such as GIFs generated form live photo on Instagram, and 3D Creation Tools from it’s spark Ar platform directly into Instagram. Because Meta knows it’s right time to create a market for upcoming big project Metavors, by creating, engaging, enticing experiences to audience and makes them ready for metaverse.

Imagine being able to make AR activations direct from the creative tools in the app.

Full Shopping Experience

I mean who knows that Instagram shopping might become the next big thing in fashion. It already has the biggest user base. All they have to do is set things in motion.

While it hasn’t taken off as yet, Instagram is still experimenting with live-stream shopping, which has been huge in some other markets.

Expect to see a bigger announcement on live shopping on Instagram sometime early in 2023.

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