Social Media Marketing in 2023 Predictions LinkedIn–Part 1

As a brand new year is upon us, now is a great time to set some social media goals that describe what you’d like to achieve. But before that as we all know there have been a lot of big changes in last 12 months and it is totally confusing us. Meta continues its gradual decline, TikTok continues to grow, and Twitter is in the midst of a chaotic management shift right now, which could basically mean anything happen to the app.

It is very difficult to predict what might happen next, because that’s what’s happening. But with my 2023 predictions for major social media, we are trying to put some effort and bring our best shot.

So, what you get will be based on our realistic research based the potential changes we seen in the coming year.

Let’s start with everyone’s former favourite social network LinkedIn and you get predictions about other top social media in the upcoming blog.

LinkedIn, one of the top professional social networks, has reported a ‘record level’ of engagement since 2018, which now includes a greater number of non-professional posts and updates. Which is broadly good for LinkedIn’s business, but there seems to be a limit where too much of it can deviate from the original purpose.

Either way, LinkedIn is more interested in adding value, and in 2023, you can expect to see some more creative moves to grow it’s offering by providing more data on the platform, and develop learning courses For more engagement you can see at Edu-Tech.

LinkedIn has added much to its social features, with Live being one of the most recent and biggest of such additions. Live essentially allows a user to set up live-streams that can be used to interact with professional audience, both driving engagement with their profile up high, displaying a level of professional competency, and providing audiences with useful content that they can potentially learn from. Livestreams in general are a form of content that have become increasingly popular across the internet. 

New Discover feed, which surfaces relevant content from professionals outside your network.

You may also see a new dedicated space for you to discover relevant content and voices from people and organizations you’re not connected with, who you might not see or hear from otherwise. You can expect to see trending conversations from voices that align with your professional interests, news and relevant events curated by LinkedIn editorial team, and a wealth of other knowledge designed to help you get ahead.

LinkedIn’s discovery feed isn’t limited to posts. You can browse videos, newsletters, events, and more.

Improved video connection tools

People have been seen consuming more video content on social media and based on this, you can logically expect LinkedIn to start focusing on that part as well and add more video tools, and expending on its existing intro video and video chat features.  

In line with market demand expect LinkedIn to build out Zoom-like video meeting options, occasional live-streams, and more advanced connection processes to connect job seekers with potential employers on its event facilities.

A lot of video engagement that might be of interest is already happening in the app, and you can expect LinkedIn to make it a big focus — and maybe even add a dedicated video tab to the app.

Bigger focus on audio

LinkedIn’s been developing its new feature by the name of Audio Rooms is something that draws inspiration from both the popularity of live streams as well as podcasts. Users can now set up individual rooms where they can host discussions regarding topics relevant to their profile, allowing other users to attend and pitch in with a chat feature, raising virtual hands, and so on. The interface resembles the likes of Clubhouse, which is a platform fully geared around having audio rooms.

Expect to see audio rooms in groups, audio meet-ups among your connections better highlighted in the app, and more sections highlighting audio events.

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