Implementation of funnel strategy to generate B2B leads.

About the client

A Singapore based energy management software platform helps client to reduce their energy consumption by intelligent real-time energy monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators because performance is measured not blindly, it keep objectives at the forefront of decision making. The energy management dashboard is extremely easy to use while providing arrange of innovative feature needed to enhance professionals energy services.


The team of the company was specifically looking for marketing agency that could help them increase their monthly leads from across globe. Due to type of industry they’re in location, her team was struggling to reach the goal of generating 1000 leads through their website and landing pages.  

Solution we provide

Before formulating any digital strategies, we uncovered that their landing pages weren’t user-friendly and didn’t contain useful information. Because of this reason, it caused many potential customers to abandon the process altogether after only a few minutes. In order to fix this issue, we designed and created funnel for them, in which create a process based journey for client from awareness to interest to desire to action. We created three new landing pages for their multiple scopes of work that simplified the process drastically. Ones the process was optimized, we then launched a comprehensive marketing strategy on Google and LinkedIn. we took multiple steps simultaneously to move towards the goal of increasing leads ratio on monthly basis:

  • Multiple campaigns were created for Google and LinkedIn to target multiple countries.
  • Focused on generating 100-150 leads in a day.
  • Closely tracked competitors & their offers to scale campaigns at opportune moments.
  • Intelligently used remarketing campaigns based on past behaviour or search pattern of website visitors.


Hard work always pays!

And, it was true for the Singapore project as well. The continuous, comprehensive and controlled efforts taken by our team paid rich dividends. Within 3 months, goals of our campaigns exceeded the expectations of our client’s team, as overall leads ratio increased maintaining out targets.

Overall Leads Month Wise

  • The overall leads ratio increased significantly by 181% in Aug 2021 and 214% in Sep 2021. Maintaining a lead volume above the client’s expectations while constantly reducing the cost per lead, gave a big boost to our confidence.As chart shows, we were able to bring a sharp increase of leads from the 2nd month itself, and we maintained it over the next three months.

Overall Leads- Network type

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