Buy emotionally and justify with logically

Brian Tracy a motivational speaker says 95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotion and justified by logic.

Although buying is an emotional game, we need to discuss this issue with everyone and understand the matter.

And in the end, I would like to give you my secret formula to control your emotional buying.

One day when I was in my school days, one of my best friends Mohit brought a new bag to the school. And the same day after returning from school I went to my father and asked him to buy a new bag. My father asked me why do you need a new bag, your bag is not defective and we brought it 4 months back. But Mohit buys a new bag and he has Spiderman on his bag.

That day my father told me: my son, before buying anything, ask yourself do you really need it? Otherwise, anyone will sell you anything

The next day I went to school and was sad all day because I don’t have Spiderman on my bag.

Time passed and I went to my college on the first day of my college, I again met the new Mohit.

Me and Mohit always faced shortage of funds in the last phase of the month or even a few weeks before the end of the month.

Because sometimes we had to go to the movie as everyone was going, sometimes we need to buy clothes and shoes from the luxury collection and also perfume to attract the girls.

It was the last semester; a close friend of ours came to us crying. He was in serious trouble and needed some money. And both Mohit and I were looking at each other’s faces as it was the third week of the month. We seriously wanted to help him but we can’t with empty pockets.

Somehow we manage this issue by crowdfunding. Because at the end of the month almost everyone is in the same position.

Those days I realise that the most common way people get into financial trouble is through unnecessary spending, which drags their budget down.

I started searching for its root cause and I found this formula.

The formula helped me save over Rs 3,00,000 last year,

How many of you want this formula its just cost you 10 rupeen and its save a lot of money?

Well !! Take control of your emotions and ask yourself do you really need it. Otherwise, anyone will sell you anything

Because this is blank paper.

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