Virtual World: A New Paradigm in Brand Marketing


Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

The main objective of this research is to measure the potential of in-game advertisement with the relation of brand awareness and brand engagement in the context of placing a different type of advertisement inside the virtual gaming world in the Indian market place. This study utilized a mixed-methods approach divided into two stages, where the first involvement of the collection of qualitative data. The second stage consisted of quantitative data collection through online questionnaires from 160 valid respondents, ranging from the age of 18 to 30 by a non-probability sampling method. SPSS and smart-pls were used to analyze the data with three statistical analysis methods: bivariate correlations, a reliability analysis to test Cronbach alpha for internal consistency; and path analysis in structural equational modeling to examine the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The research findings indicate that there is a positive, significant to place an advertisement in the virtual gaming world and it’s also fruitful for brands as per our study. Also, findings indicate that the statistical relationship between brand awareness, brand engagement, advertisement and post-marketing response in the virtual gaming world. As a result, companies operating need to focus on this new paradigm in brand marketing, as the user of the virtual game is increasing day by day and further create a way of gaining competitive advantage.

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