Experience from other’s experience

Is learning from experience is important?


But what about reverse

Get experience for learning?

One day my grandfather told me this story.

I’ll bring same story today too, but I’m not your grandparent;

This story is about a king of the far north. He had three sons.

One day the king planned a task for them and called his three sons to the raj-darbar (royal court) and said, “There is a pear (Nashapati) tree outside our kingdom. I want all of you to go in search of this tree at intervals of four months and find out how it is?”

After getting the orders of the king, each son went out in search of that tree at his appointed time.

After all of them returned. The king again called everyone to the royal court and asked them, “Tell me everything about that tree.”

The first son said, “Dad, that tree was ugly, bent, and it looked lifeless. Why did you send me to see that tree?”

 “It was not possible that, it was the same tree that he had found, it was not lifeless but full of leaves, yet there was not a single fruit on that tree.” said the second son.

Then the third son said, “Brother you have seen the wrong tree because I saw the original pear tree and confirmed it to everyone, all the trees are full of fruits, blooming and spreading sweet fragrance, how beautiful the tree is.” that it seemed to me to be the most beautiful tree ever.”

The three sons started arguing with each other over what they saw. Then the king got up from his throne and said, “Son! There is no need to argue with each other. In fact, all three of you are describing that tree correctly. Simply because I sent you to search for trees in different seasons and what you saw was according to that season. ,

Based on this experience I want you to learn:

First of all, never take any decision before getting complete information about something, whether it’s an object or a person.

Second, never judge anything on the basis of their current state. Maybe it was not his season, times change.

That day 1 got 2 experiences from this story

I am very lucky that I did not having grandfather like king

And learning from own experience is not good all the time.

Because I am not going to wait for a year and ready to go though all this for such learning .

For me that story is enough.

What about you?

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