Implementation of 5x Dgrowth strategy to increased Gross profit by 5 times.

About the client

ACIM is proud to offer IT and Management courses of high standard of teaching. Which enjoys an illustrious record of service in the field of education. And also authorized by CEC Regd. Under IT Act of Govt. of India. ISO 9001:2008 certified and cooperates with BAYC.


The team of ACIM was about to close major damage to their business during covid19 lockdown, specially looking for marketing agency that can help them to bounce back in their business. As they are in the education industry and there are a lot of competitors and the physical presence is limited the size of the target market is also limited.

Solution we provide

Before formulating any marketing strategy, we disclosed that we cannot grow their business by simply generating leads due to limited target market size and presence of too many competitors in that market. To fix this issue, we took several steps at once to move toward our goal of increasing gross profit; we have designed and implemented 5X growth strategies for them,

In which to implement growth marketing strategy and achieve exponential growth targeting 5 components which are Number of Leads, Conversion Rate, Average Value, Time to Customer/Year and Margin%. We plan and implement different strategies to increase each component by 10% and increase gross profit 5x.

• Several campaigns were created for google and instagram to count the local leads.

• We used a CRO planner, improved their brand communication, and performed multiple A/B tests to achieve conversion rates.

• Closely tracked competitors and their proposals to scale up campaigns at appropriate times.

• Wisely we have increased the value of the courses by adding a lot of features like online exam, online study material

• Did some upsell and cross-sell of complementary products to increase average cost, time customer/year and margin%.


Hard work always pays!

And, the same was true for the ACIM project. The continuous, comprehensive and controlled efforts put in by our team have yielded immense benefits. Within 1.5 years, the goals of our campaigns exceeded the expectations of our client’s team, as the overall gross profit ratio increased maintaining the goals.

Overall Gross Profit Stage Wise

Each stage resulted in a significant increase in the overall lead ratio by 8 – 12%. Maintaining a lead volume above customer expectations while consistently reducing cost per lead gave a huge boost to our confidence. As the chart shows, we were able to bring a sharp uptrend.

  • Gross profit growth since Phase I was implemented, and we maintained it over the next 1.5 years.

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