Is big mart small store is performing well in a comparison of large stores.

We are provided with the BIG Mart Sales data for the past 4 Years. We downloaded training and test dataset as a csv. Big Mart is One Stop Shopping center and Free Marketplace. Buy, sell and advertise without fee or at low cost.


This data set of BigMart sales data of 1559 different Item at 10 different Outlet. The main objective is to predict the sales by developing a predictive model and also find out the problem inside BigMart. So, that BigMart can boost their sales by working on it.        


Call Libraries and Read Data from File 

Data Combining & Manipulation 
View the structure of full data with the str function




As per exploratory analytics of data, I found that in the first-year Big-Mart Store only operating one store at one year and after analyzing the performance of each factor of the store I found that, the small store is performing well in a comparison of large stores.

There are two stores “Out010” &  ”Out019” which are not performing good.  The company needs to take care of these two stores. 

And there are mainly 4 types of Items that are more in demand in their store “Fruits and Vegetable”, ”Snack food”, ”household” & ”Barking gods”.

And other factors Item Weight not affecting that much sales but the visibility of the items is effecting sales because of people more purchase when the value of visibility is low. 

People are the maximum purchase of the products which have more MRP. 

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